Customer Experiences

There are so many success stories about the Patches (literally thousands) so we cannot list them all. We have chosen a select few to share here. To attend a zoom where you can hear live testimonials, sign up here. Or if you have a testimonial you would like to share, email us here

Video Testimonials

Name: Jodi

Life Before the Patches: Severe joint pain, bloating, weight gain, diverticulitis, severe liver toxicity, tinnitus, teeth grinding, heart palpitations, bladder issues, blood sugar Issues, neuropathy in feet, no energy, anxiety & insomnia

Life After the Patches: Digestion system healed & liver issues gone, bloating gone, bladder & blood sugar issues gone, neuropathy gone, easily lost weight. Tinnitus and teeth grinding – 80% gone. Joint pain – 30% improved. Energy greatly improved. Sleep better.

Which Patches:

  • First two months: x39, x49, Aeon, Glutathione every day; Icewave as needed.
  • Added after two months: Alavida & Carnosine – nightly; Silent Nights & Energy Enhancers – as needed

How Long?: 6 months so far. Started on May 20, 2023

Name: Annie

Life Before the Patches: Chronic fatigue & pain (took CBD), brain fog, BP imbalance, fast heart rate, on meds to keep down for the last 13 years, vaccine injured,

Life After the Patches: Energy levels improved and sustained, chronic pain gone! Mental clarity back! Resting better!

Which Patches:

X39, X49, Glutathione, Carnosine, Energy Enhancer, Aeon daily, and Icewave & Silent Nights as required.

How Long?: 4 months to date. Started patching on July 14, 2023.

First testimonial

Name: David (first 15 minutes)

Life Before the Patches:
– Chronic Blood Clotting from age 9
– Chronic Chest Pain & Enlarged Heart
– Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Liver Spots
– 9 Medications

Life After the Patches:
– Now Zero Blood Clots, Chest Pain Gone
– Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Liver Spots Gone
– 1 Medication Now

Which Patches: started X39 & Aeon; then added X49, Glutathione and Carnosine after a month

How Long?: 6 weeks on the patches as of this testimonial


Second testimonial

Name: Cathleen (starts 15 mins in)

Life Before the Patches:
– 30  years of joint, muscle & body pain from tick bite
– Underproductive thyroid gland
– 23 years of taking medication for above
– Lots of inflammation
– 30 years daily headaches from concussions & tick bite
– Trigger finger, night cramps, poor circulation

Life After the Patches:
– 95% pain free, headaches stopped, inflammation gone
– Thyroid in normal range
– Cramps gone
– Improved circulation
– Trigger fingers gone
– And much more

Which Patches:  X39 during the day,  Aeon at night

How Long?: After 3.5 weeks, most issues resolved

We will be adding many more success stories so stay tuned!

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