Lifewave Basics

  • Founded in 2004
  • Open in over 75 countries
  • X39 launched in 2019
  • Company growth from 20 million to $320 million in only three years
  • Growth is up 40% for 2023
“Our purpose is to empower you to live in the light, maximizing your human potential, with patented light technology that enhances your life.”

David Schmidt

  • Inventor, founder, and CEO
  • Over 150 patents and counting
  • Honorary Doctor of Science and Technology
  • Two-time recipient of the Advanced Technology Award from the International Hall of Fame of Inventors

Patented Tech

  • X39 is a fully patented new technology
  • LifeWave patches are an FDA recognized and compliant “General Wellness Product”
  • Over 80 clinical studies on all the patches
  • Not a “me too” product like most companies that sell weight loss, supplements, oils, etc.

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