Stay Healthy with X39

Your body has all it needs to regenerate and repair itself.

With wearable light technology, we can tap into our body’s own natural intelligence in a completely non-invasive and safe way.

This patented technology is a new approach to improve the way your body fosters the flow of energy for better vitality, strength, stamina, and more.

When an  X39 patch is placed on the body, the patch reflects YOUR OWN BODY’S LIGHT back into your tissue.

The light taps into your body’s own natural flow of energy enhancing communication to make change within your body.

This process, called photobiomodulation, allows your body to reset and repair to a healthier state.

Optimal health and wellness can be obtained with daily use of the X39 patch. See before and after pictures here.

Activate your own light – and feel young again! 

The Benefits of X39

  • Supports optimal health
  • Helps stimulate vitality 
  • Helps balance energy flow
  • Helps improve strength
  • Helps improve stamina
  • Supports reduced recovery time
  • Promotes health balance
  • Supports more restful sleep
  • Promotes healthy stress response
  • Supports balanced emotions
  • Supports skin smoothing
  • Supports general calming
  • Improves overall mental clarity
  • Allows for a more active lifestyle

*X39 is an FDA recognized and compliant “General Wellness Product”. The patch is not intended to treat, cure or heal diseases or illnesses. 

What is Phototherapy?

Watch this video below to learn more about Phototherapy.

How Do the Patches Work?

Each patch contains organic nanocrystals that form a a unique crystal lattice structure. That structure is made up of a combination of amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, sugars and salts.

When a patch is placed on the body, the crystal structure in the patches is designed to trap the natural infrared light that your body emits (your body heat), and then reflect back particular wavelengths of light. This process stimulates nerves on the surface of your skin which in turn activates the production of a beneficial peptide that produces specific health benefits. 

Each type of patch reflects a different frequency back into our body, thereby activating the production of specific useful and beneficial peptides that in turn activate different pathways in our bodies for long term better health and function.

Learn about the Story of X39 here. To learn more about the Science behind the patches, go to the Science page or go here.  To learn more about all of the different patches, go to the Patches Overview here


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