How Do the Patches Work?

Each patch contains organic nanocrystals that form a a unique crystal lattice structure. That structure is made up of a combination of amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, sugars and salts.

When a patch is placed on the body, the crystal structure in the patches is designed to trap the natural infrared light that your body emits (your body heat), and then reflect back particular wavelengths of light. This process stimulates nerves on the surface of your skin which in turn activates the production of a beneficial peptide that produces specific health benefits. 

Each type of patch reflects a different frequency back into our body, thereby activating the production of specific useful and beneficial peptides that in turn activate different pathways in our bodies for long term better health and function.

Product Overview

Each patch in the Lifewave line has its own unique benefits. Below is information for each patch. For information on all of the patches, download the All Products Overview.

Below is a description of each patch with listed benefits. They are organized by category: Longevity, Anti-Aging, and Quality of Life. For product videos, go to the Video Library.

Longevity Patches

There are two patches that activate specific copper peptides, which in turn activate your dormant stem cells, the x39 and the x49. Each has its own unique benefit.

The X39 Longevity Patch 

The X39 patch stimulates the production of GHK-cu, a copper peptide that activates your body’s own dormant stem cells, boosting vitality, overall health and wellness. It boosts cognitive ability, helps wound recovery, support the immune system and promotes the regeneration of blood vessels, organs, nerves, tissue, etc.

The X39 is the patch that everyone starts with as it has the most benefits to your health & longevity. You can find success stories with the X39 patch here

The X49 – Performance Patch

Embark on a transformative journey with X49, dedicated to elevating performance, accelerating recovery, and nurturing relaxation. Improves performance, strength, and stamina. Elevates the AHK-cu peptide which helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system through exercise with a reduced recovery time following exercise. X49 also helps to maintain a healthy weight along with a clean diet and exercise program.

Anti-Aging Patches

There are four anti-aging patches-  The Y-Age trio of Aeon, Glutathione, and Carnosine, and Alavida. Each has its own unique benefit. 

Aeon- Anti-Inflammatory Patch

Find your center with Y-Age Aeon – this patch is a powerful anti-inflammatory – it helps reduce cortisol, C-reactive proteins and stress. It elevates SOD (superoxide dismutase), which is important for the body’s response to stress, and balances autonomic nervous system as well as hormone production.

Glutathione- Detoxifier Patch

Elevate your well-being with Y-Age Glutathione patches — your path to fortified wellness and diminished stress. Because a harmonious state of health is your greatest defense. This patch raises the level of glutathione in your body by 300% in the first 24 hours. It repairs DNA, eliminates heavy metals, promotes collagen production, strengthens the immune system and improves overall health.

Carnosine – Brain & Heart Support Patch

Embrace the vitality of movement with Y-Age Carnosine. Exercise and physical well-being are an integral part of your wellness journey. Carnosine helps bring a sense of balance and calm to the mind. This patch improves the bioelectric properties of the body, promoting brain, heart and muscle health. Protects the neurological system, prevents vision degeneration. It promotes performance, increasing strength, flexibility and resistance. Improves stamina, elasticity, and movement. This patch is essential for people over 60. 

Alavida – Skin Rejuvenation

Alavida harnesses and balances your body’s natural restorative energy to improve the healthy and radiant appearance of your skin from the inside out. Alavida elevates epithalamin/epithalon, a peptide known for cellular anti-aging that helps repair chromosomes. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes firmer looking skin, brightens the complexion and makes skin tone and coloration appear more even. 

Quality of Life Patches

There are five quality of life patches – Energy Enhancer, IceWave, Silent Nights, SP6 and AcuLife (for animals). Each has its own unique benefits. 

Energy Enhancer

The Energy Enhancer Patch is the inaugural patch developed for cognitive vitality. It supports energy production in cells, called beta oxidation. This process burns fat and converts it into energy. It has been clinically provider to increase overall energy and stamina naturally.

This patch helps engage your body’s natural energy field for the perfect balance of physical activity and healthy recovery. Energy Enhancer patches empower you to find your desired energy flow and embrace the feelings of whole-body health and vitality.

IceWave – Pain Relief Patch

IceWave is a safe and effective solution for all levels of pain, both chronic and acute. IceWave works with two patches design to help the user located and eliminate pain. Life all Lifewave patches, it is non-transdermal, drug-free, non-addictive, and has no side effects or contraindications.

Silent Nights – Sleep Patch

Silent Nights helps your body produce its own melatonin without the use of drugs or chemicals. It is clinically proven to improve the quality and duration of sleep without the grogginess. Improves the duration and quality of sleep by up to 60%.

SP6 – Appetite & Hormone Patch

SP6 helps suppress cravings and hunger naturally. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, it supports weight reduction without the use of drugs, stimulants or needles. 

AcuLife – Veterinary Pain (For Horses only)

Healthy living extends beyond humans. AcuLife® embraces the same LifeWave innovations to support equine vitality. By engaging Eastern philosophy of acupressure and acupuncture points, AcuLife patches nurture healthy inflammatory response, while soothing minor aches and pains in horses.

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